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State Senate overrides two of Cooper's vetoes

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 9:36 am, 06/22/2018

Impeach Cooper. Problem solved.


Posted 11:57 pm, 06/21/2018

Hmm under Obama the Democrats controlled Congress the first 2 years, they overreached and lost the House in 2010, but didn't lose the Senate until the 2014 elections.

He was hardly impaired at all. The GOP through CRs basically gave him a blank check and let him do whatever he largely wanted to do. There was no accountability. Sure they had meaningless investigations etc, but that was mostly a dog and pony show to appease their constituents, there was never any serious effort to bring charges against any member of the Legislative or Executive branches, that's why both parties are scared to death of Donal Trump, he wants to hold people accountable.

If the historic trends of the last 3 Presidencies hold true, then the Congress will swing back to the Democrats probably not fully in this election but around 2018 elections, and Donald Trump will win reelection in 2020.


Posted 5:16 pm, 06/21/2018

Cooper is facing the same obstacle as Obama, a GOPher controlled legislature

Mad Scientist

Posted 4:24 pm, 06/21/2018

Cooper is a lame duck, he should resign.


Posted 1:00 am, 06/21/2018

Judicial Elections are nonpartisan, and are registered after primaries. In fact I think they are still open for filings.

The other is a punitive measure against other candidates and applies as the Green and Constitution parties were just officially recognized. Gov Cooper vetoed it because he felt that if those 3 candidates ran their Democrat opposition would have a much higher chance of winning, not for any noble reasons. The GOP overrode it because they also see the same scenario and don't want to lose those seats.

Can't Handle The Truth

Posted 3:21 pm, 06/20/2018

Best answer for this is to call your local representative. I believe for Ashe it is Rep. Jonathan Jordan.,problem is, most people will ask on forums such as this, or believe media stories, and will not bother to go directly to the source. And by the way there were no judicial primaries in May, filing did not even begin until June.


Posted 2:46 pm, 06/20/2018

The governor is fighting an uphill battle but he knew that was the challenge.

sparkling water

Posted 9:31 pm, 06/19/2018

Problems solved.


Posted 9:26 pm, 06/19/2018

Thoughts on these bills?

The first changes judicial districts in Wake and Mecklenburg counties, which seems odd to me since it's after the Primaries.

The second prevents 3rd parties from nominating a candidate that lost in the Primaries, which specifically targets 3 candidates.

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