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Trump and first ladu quarantined


Posted 8:48 pm, 10/28/2020

One can only hope that if it does come to civil war that our armed forces first allegiance is to their oath to uphold the constitution rather than any misplaced loyalty to The Commander in Grief.


Posted 8:46 pm, 10/28/2020

What would you accept as proof, underdog? I suspect that, like Affy, you're only going to accept anything that says what you want to believe.

How about this?

The Organizational Dynamics of Far"Right Hate Groups in the United States: Comparing Violent to Non"Violent Organizations

I try not to cite Wikipedia, but this does have sources included:

List of right-wing terrorist attacks

Do you think the CSIS is biased?

Right-wing attacks and plots account for the majority of all terrorist incidents in the United States since 1994, and the total number of right-wing attacks and plots has grown significantly during the past six years. Right-wing extremists perpetrated two thirds of the attacks and plots in the United States in 2019 and over 90 percent between January 1 and May 8, 2020. Second, terrorism in the United States will likely increase over the next year in response to several factors. One of the most concerning is the 2020 U.S. presidential election, before and after which extremists may resort to violence, depending on the outcome of the election. Far-right and far-left networks have used violence against each other at protests, raising the possibility of escalating violence during the election period.

How about:

Proud Boy Arrested On Six Felony Charges In Portland

Once I start googling it's hard to figure out where to stop, there are just too many examples to give. But the short summary is that the FBI considered right wing groups to be the most dangerous terrorists in the nation, and statistically they commit the wide majority of terrorist acts.


Posted 8:32 pm, 10/28/2020

I would say get out of bed and go to the FBI site, but I guess that's a bridge too far, huh, Puppy?


Posted 8:28 pm, 10/28/2020

You have not given one shred of proof fool


Posted 8:25 pm, 10/28/2020

In addition to FBI.gov, I linked The Economist:

    Overall, we rate The Economist Least Biased based on balanced reporting and High for factual reporting due to a clean fact check record.

and Just Security:

    Overall, we rate Just Security Left-Center Biased based on story selection and editorial positions that moderately favor the left. We also rate them High for factual reporting due to proper sourcing and a clean fact check record.

I don't know if you can consider "slight liberal bias" to be "liberal propaganda," but I guess it's all relative to your own beliefs. When you only believe far right biased articles then anything centered and unbiased seems like propaganda.


Posted 8:02 pm, 10/28/2020

Keep denying that your other sites like to interpret the DOJ data.


Posted 8:00 pm, 10/28/2020

The FBI is a liberal propaganda site?


Posted 8:00 pm, 10/28/2020

FBI.gov is a "liberal propaganda sites?"

Oh wait, let me guess... it's propaganda if you don't like what it says.


Posted 7:56 pm, 10/28/2020

Of course your liberal propaganda sites think conservatives are a threat. Have you ever admitted the truth?


Posted 7:51 pm, 10/28/2020

Show us a city in the US that a republican has burnt or destroyed private and public property.

Easy enough.

The FBI has stated that almost all of the BLM protests that turned violent were infiltrated by right wing extremists that were trying to hurt the BLM cause:

They also consider right wing groups to be "a serious terrorist threat."


A new report by the Transnational Threats Project at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a think-tank, suggests that far-right terrorism is a much greater threat than far-left terrorism.


Notice that they separate religious terrorism from right wing terrorism, even though they are often the same (right wing zealots).


Posted 5:34 pm, 10/28/2020

And exactly how was it disproved when idwytes with your level of mentality are still claiming the earth is flat. And by the way scientific proof that the world is not flat was arrived at over 3k years ago, I'm surprised with all the knowledge you have at your command you made such a colossal error.


Posted 4:51 pm, 10/28/2020

Once again you prove your ignorance. The flat earth theory can be disproven. And it was done so about 350 years ago


Posted 4:28 pm, 10/28/2020

Anti, if you're familiar with history you will know of the incident when the Reichstag was burned down: a Dutch mentally challenged man was arrested and convicted of the crime and it was officially labelled as a Jewish conspiracy.

These right wing "militias" are locked and loaded ready to create mayhem when Trump loses the election, "stand back, stand by." But it will be the left wing liberals who will be accused of causing any problems by the right wing neo-Nazis.

As for you Fin I can't disprove the flat earth theory but I along with all the sane people in the world know it's a bunch of bullcrap.


Posted 4:15 pm, 10/28/2020

Show us a city in the US that a republican has burnt or destroyed private and public property.


Posted 4:04 pm, 10/28/2020

Troll, you've never been able to disprove anything I've ever said


Posted 3:32 pm, 10/28/2020

The left has been threatening, beating, even killing conservatives for months now warning they will burn down the county after the election if they don't win.

Donald Trump Warns Supporters Could Riot if He Doesn't Get GOP Nomination


Dozens of supporters of Donald Trump have carried out or threatened acts of violence.


So in reality, the Trump supporters have been threatening riots and have been assaulting people... yet somehow you argue that it's the Democrats doing it.

"Accuse them of what we do," right? And the sheeple will fall for it every time.


Posted 2:40 pm, 10/28/2020

You sure do back up everything you state, every time you post you reinforce your crass ignorance as opposed to validating your phony statistics and fallacious facts.


Posted 2:27 pm, 10/28/2020

Except unlike you and him both, I back mine up. And yeah, he's definitely one of yours


Posted 2:16 pm, 10/28/2020

Seems like he's a lot like you done everything, knows everything but turns out to be a do nothing know nothing. As to my kind I can assure you they aint on this site.


Posted 12:42 pm, 10/28/2020

Hankey, I see you've met the GW super spook. He has claimed to work for the federal intelligence agency that is in all the movies, trained in the Japanese martial arts of assassination, a practitioner of the black arts, a decorated war hero, a Stalinist revolutionist, and an international playboy of mystery. Every village needs a nut, and he is GW's. But he's also one of your own kind.

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